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1. Simply download a running app and use it to track your run. Screenshot your run when you have completed it. A photo of a treadmill or watch display is absolutely fine.

2. Click "Login" on the top-right corner of this website and log in with the email address and password you entered when you registered for this event; after that, click on the name and image to open a dropdown menu, and click "My Profile"

3. Find your event in the "Events" tab and click into it.

4. Click on "Upload New Record" and select the image that you wish to upload.

1. 只需下載任何跑步應用程序並使用它來追踪您的跑步時間和距離。跑步完成後屏幕截圖。跑步機或手錶顯示器的照片也可以。

2. 到本網站右上角按 "登入",用您登記時輸入的電郵地址及密碼登入;然後按在您的名字展開目錄,選擇 "我的簡歷"

3. 在"活動"標籤中找到您的活動。

4. 點擊“添加新檔案”,然後選擇要上載的圖像。