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About Us

Launched in 2019, Born To Run is a go-to platform for a wide spectrum of exciting and engaging running events aimed at energizing the general public.

Born To Run has the public wellness at its heart.

We strive to promote total wellness for the public community through running activities, something that we are all Born To do.

In addition, we aim to promote social inclusion by connecting commercial sector with the community.

While based in Hong Kong, we strive to offer running products and services with universal appeal as we believe we all share certain values and passions.

We donate a percentage of the ticket proceeds to charity.


成立於 2019 年的 Born To Run 是一個提供給大眾多元化具刺激互動跑步活動的平台

我是跑手 一切取向以市民大眾的健康為依歸

我們認為跑步是與生俱來的本能, 最適宜用來推廣全民運動提升身心健康


札根於香港, 但我們致力於構思一些能讓世界各地朋友產生共鳴的跑步活動。 因爲我們相信我們有著某些共同價值觀與熱誠。